TiTaN's electrochemical division offers recoating services for a number of different types of Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes that have been used in Sodium hypochlorite generating applications. Our in-house facilities, along with our knowledge and expertise allow us to produce re-coated electro-chlorination (sodium hypochlorite generation) anodes that are of the highest quality, economical and extends the anode life time for use in additional electro-chemical hypochlorite generating applications.

TiTaN re-coats anodes of existing chlorinators and do refurbish the titanium substrate with any shape-geometry of the anode for re-use for this or use-in other applications.

  • Re-coating anodes & types
Monopolar / Bipolar plate Anodes
Monopolar / Bipolar Mesh Anodes
Combined Plate-Mesh Anodes
Half-Cell Anode, Anodes/Cathodes for Concentric tubular Cells
Disc Cell Anodes
Parallel Plate electrolyser anodes

** We also offer AMC service for Full Hypochlorite System Maintenance throughout the Year. Call Us Now